U Mya Thaung (1943)

U Mya Thaung was born in 1943, in Bogalay Township, Irrawaddy division of Burma. He is an only child and was soon an orphan when his mother died when he was barely nine years old and later lost his father at age fifteen. After the loss of his father, U Mya Thaung stayed with his uncle. While his parents wanted their son to obtain a more conservative education, the young U Mya Thaung already developed a strong interest for painting and drawing. In 1964, the young man managed join the Government Fine Arts School with the financial assistance of a private donor since he was not entitled to received any financial assistance from the Socialist Government due to his age. U Mya Thaung graduated in 1967 with an art diploma. He then became a government artist in the Central Political University during the Burmese Socialist Experiment under General Ne Win.

From 1976 to 1986 U Mya Thaung participated in an annual watercolor exhibition at the Rangoon Envoy Hall. However U Mya Thaung’s artistic career changed drastically in 1988 after the Myanmar Socialist Party was abolished. From that point on, U Mya Thaung became an independent artist.

In 1991, an American Musician, David Gillot, sponsored a group of Burmese artists to participate in a watercolor competition in the State of New York where U Mya Thaung’s rainy day scenes won an award for excellence. The artist is now known as one of the best water-color artist of Burma. However, he also uses other media such as oil, acrylic and charcoal.

Amongst the many subjects of his paintings, his rainy day scenes are the most moving and the most appreciated by collectors.

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Name Jute Cutters
Medium Water color
Dimension 29x17 in
Name Yangon Book Stand
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimension 14x18 in
Name Chaung Thar Village
Medium Water color
Dimension 15x10.5 in
Name Rice Field Near Kalaw
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimension 19x13 in
Name Inle Village
Medium Water color
Dimension 15x20 in
Name Shwe Dagon Pagoda
Medium Water color
Dimension 28x19 in
Name Aung Pan Pagoda
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimension 27x19 in
Name Yangon Barlan Road
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimension 24x18 in
Name Salay Monastery
Medium Water color
Dimension 14x18 in



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