Do Quan Em (1942)

Do Quan Em was born in 1942 in Ninh Tuan Province. He graduated in 1965 from the Gia Dinh School of Fines Arts. Do Quan Em was a teacher in arts for many years. The artist’s style is “hyper-realistic”. The technique can be traced back to the time when Do Quan Em worked with his father in photography:
“ Photographic technique is in my blood”, says the artist. The artist was also greatly influenced by the contemporary master Chen Yi Fei.

Do Quan Em is the first and best hyper-realistic painter in Vietnam. He gives exceptional care to every aspects of his composition and meticulously renders the most intricate details of his subjects. 

Unsurprisingly, his paintings can take up to three months to produce. A keen photographer, which he followed from his father, he continues to paint carefully posed and smoothly executed portraits of his wife or himself mainly as models, alone or with identifiable traditional Vietnamese draped textiles and village utilitarian artifacts, usually with strong theatrical side lighting contrasting with deep
opposite shadows.


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Name Portrait of Than Nhan
Medium Oil on Canvas
Dimension (40x35)
Price On request
Code VN-98-DQE-01-C



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